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Let’s Do the Math

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It’s Official—Today Is a 25!
by Little Crow

Foliage has been slow to peak this fall because it’s been so warm so our trees decided to hold back on the annual autumnal display just a wee bit.

We usually hit Max Leaf Peeping the first full weekend of October but now we’re in the middle of the month and BAM!—the weather is rocking.

How great is it, you ask? Well, on a scale of one to ten, today is a twenty-five.

Don’t believe me? Let’s do the math.

  • Temperature: 62 degrees, warm enough for strolling about with just a sweater or hiking without. Points awarded—5.
  • Bugs: None except the occasional bumblebee that’s clinging to the last flowers to be found. Points awarded—5.
  • Sunshine: Plentiful with the odd wispy cloud or two that adds charm to a crystalline sky. Points awarded—5.
  • Foliage: Deep red oaks, yellow and orange maples, flashes of yellow undergrowth that light up the woods, sumacs showing off every color of fall on each leaf, all glowing in the sun under an amazing blue sky on a day that just makes you want to walk or ride or hike or just stand and gaze at this wondrous world. Points awarded—10, because it doesn’t get any better than this.

Total score for this incredible moment in time—25.

Loving every minute of this!

Little Crow | October 15 | Categories: Vermont-in-Season