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The Morning Walk

Autumn 2014 is going to go down in Vermont’s weather history one of the best so far this century.

Cathedral of trees
Cathedral of trees

The weather has held, staying (sometimes too) warm. We haven’t had any major storms to shake the leaves from the trees.

And the color—gasp! Just phenomenal.

Just wanted to share part of the trail that we maintain along the White River that we reopened this year. We had to let it go after Hurricane Irene because there were just too many other things to attend to.

And we missed our tree cathedral, a lot.

There’s still one last part of the path that stretches down to a rocky hook that we call the North Point that remains closed. It’s where the main debris pile of trees, building parts, and other detritus built up during the storm.

It started off twelve feet high but through composting and time, it’s now “only” six feet high, and the local flora and fauna are doing their best to recycle it. (It’s quite the bird sanctuary.) But it remains impenetrable to two-footed mammals for now.

Still, having the path back this summer was so, so good.