The Path Is Reopened

The Carding Campgrounds were badly damaged by Hurricane Irene. Nearly three years later, the worst destruction has been cleared away, and the damage to individual houses repaired.
Beginning of path for web

But the walking trails, covered by two feet or more of silt washed down by the Corvus River, had remained closed because there hasn’t been time to reopen them.

Until now. Last weekend, a troupe of workers with mowers and clippers reopened the main trail through to Royal Buchanen Road as well as some of the feeder trails.

We all marveled at the way some of the ancient plants—horse tail, fiddlehead ferns, and willow—have flourished. While invasives such as the dreaded Japanese knotweed and stinging nettle have spread.

But the paths are reopened. Hooray.

Hummer of the Summer

The woodworking teacher at the Carding Academy of Traditional Arts, J.C. Davis, is also a photographer and something of a bird watcher when he gets the chance.
Hummer of summer for web

He spent a recent afternoon shooting high speed pictures of hummingbirds around a feeder. Even at 1/400 of a second, their wings are a blur.

This little guy is getting ready to imbibe.

Carding, Vermont in the News

The Road Unsalted and Carding, Vermont were the subject of a great story in Upper Valley Life magazine in their May issue.

We had a photo shoot in support of the article with photographer extraordinaire Jon Gilbert Fox. Jon had a great idea—to include all of the folks from the book who live here in the Upper Valley.

So here is yours truly surrounded by the real-life characters in her book.
UV Magazine-photo of cast

And here is the article.
UV Mag story

We’ve Been a Little Busy Around Here

Jess and Jess 3 for web

Saturday morning started off misty and cloudy and not the kind of weather for an outdoor wedding.

But then the weather wizards of Vermont got together and cleared out the clouds, kept it pleasant temperature-wise, let a light breeze loose to keep the bugs at bay so by the time our beloved son, Jesse, and his radiant bride, Jessica, were ready to say their “I wills,” it was (quite literally) picture perfect.

We had a wonderful weekend staying at and eating the amazing food at Seyon Lodge State Park in Groton, Vermont. If you ever get the chance to stay there, you should be ready to accept at a moment’s notice. The staff could not be nicer, and did I remember to tell you that the food is amazing? Locally grown, locally sourced, well-prepared.

As anyone who has ever been part of planning a wedding will tell you, it’s a ton of work. But when I look at those smiles, I can tell myself again and again that it was all so worthwhile.

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