In Celebration of Good Design

Block magazine cover
I’ve become a fan of Jenny Doan, the owner of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Or at least one of the owners because I think it’s probably more accurate to say that this is a family-owned business.

She has such a breezy style in her tutorials that even though I might not necessarily want to do the quilt she’s demonstrating, I just enjoy watching.

And watching is the only thing I’ve done up until a couple of weeks ago when my attention was caught by a scrappy quilt made with a ruler that will cut blade shapes used most commonly in a pattern known as Dresden plate.

So I actually made an order and while I was online (you know how this goes), my attention veered toward a new magazine put out by the company (which is still something of a newbie).

It’s called Block and I got my first issue in the mail the other day and as one graphic designer to another, I was impressed.

Block is all Missouri Star all the time, no other ads cluttering up the pages. The photos are great, instructions clearly written.

It’s so well done, I just have to share.

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