Getting There Is All of the Fun

Nine patch blocks for the center of a new quilt

I’ve been working on a new quilt book lately, taking pictures every step of the way.

This started as a simple pattern for a Parkinson’s Comfort Quilt, the criteria for which is: simple, lap size (36 x 60), interesting, and variable. Since then, the book has grown to include four variations on the same theme of using Nine Patch blocks on point, choosing colors not for high contrast but for minimal contrast. These are some of the blocks featured in the center of the second quilt.

The first version is in spring colors. This one, of course, is fall. I have winter underway, and the design variation of summer is worked out.

Gloria Steinem once said that she loved to “have written” more than “writing.” While I do enjoy the penning process, I also know how good it feels to get to the end of a project.

Getting there.

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