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Polite and Curious

Okay, we’ve finally arrived at Carding’s Town Meeting Day.

Just to recap, everyone originally expected this to be a rather quiet year. Insurance agent and incumbent selectman Eugene Becker was the only name anyone expected to see on the ballot.

But then during the extreme cold snap back in January, eccentric-about-town Amos Handy made a small joke about zeroes at G.G. Dieppe’s expense.

G.G., who lives with her husband in a McMansion up on the seventh hole of the Mount Merino golf course, is a woman with no visible sense of humor, and her heart was full of vengeful feelings after that encounter. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that getting a seat on the town select board would give her an excellent way to teach “those people” a lesson.

Now as you might suspect, G.G. is one of those people who leaves irritation, resentments and hurt feelings in her wake.

To newcomer Brenda Underwood, that’s the behavior of a bully. And Brenda doesn’t care for bullies

With Eugene ill and unable to campaign, Brenda has joined the effort to get Amos Handy elected through a write-in campaign.

If you’d like to read the full Town Meeting saga, I’ve put all the stories together here.

Now lets check in on the political life of Carding, Vermont, shall we? Here’s a sample of what’s in store tomorrow.

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