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Haven Hats

HHat-gree-white stripe-closeup-1 for web
I was out of the house early this morning to grocery shop and my first stop was at this great store in Norwich, Vermont called Dan & Whit’s. They are doing something very special this holiday season, and I’m planning to write about it over the next couple of days. But we’re going to start with hats.

Haven Hats, to be exact.

There’s a homeless shelter on Route 5 in White River Junction called the Upper Valley Haven. It’s an amazing place. They’re part of the Dan & Whit’s story so you’re going to learn more about them.

Back to the hats.

When you’re a maker, someone compelled to create with her or his hands, you have to have a place for your stuff to go. Some people are content with letting their creations pile up in totes under the bed.

But most of us need a reason to create.

I write books for people to read. I make quilts for people with Parkinson’s Disease. And when I’m itching to feel the pull of yarn between my fingers, I crochet.

I’m not a master crocheter and don’t have any desire to be. I just love the meditative quality of repeating stitches until there’s a hat or a scarf or a pair of slippers where there used to be a ball of yarn. So I gravitate to simple patterns, the kind you can make on autopilot.

I developed a hat pattern that I named the Haven Hat pattern because I make them to give to the Upper Valley Haven. (See, this all connects.) I put it all together in a PDF and if you crochet or know someone who does, I encourage you to download it, and make a few for someone in need

The picture below was taken in 2011 just before I took a batch of hats to the Haven. We had a lot of great snowball snow that winter.
Haven hat collection-1 for web