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Spring Beauty

It’s been a wet spring in Vermont and the river levels have been higher than normal for longer than normal.

Earlier in the month, we had a brief respite of non-rainy days, enough to bring the Corvus River low enough to make it safe for the annual Amnicolist River Race.

Sixteen-year old Faye Bennett, her brother Wil, and their two best friends, Suzanna Owen and Dave Muzzy, came in second—though they hotly dispute the ranking.

No matter. Life moves on. It is spring, after all. And Faye, who often confides in her beloved Uncle Dan, has a new wrinkle in her life that she wants to discuss.

Here’s a sample of tomorrow’s story.

Welcome to Carding, Vermont where life always includes a dash of the unexpected. You can find the little town that no one can seem to find on a map right here in the Carding Chronicles and in the four novels of Carding, Vermont, The Road Unsalted, Thieves of Fire, The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life, and Lights in Water, Dancing.

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