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A Parent’s Love

My hankering for a summertime Harry Potter fix was sparked recently by the 20th (20th!!) anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

One of the great benefits of re-reading a favorite book or books is that you already know what’s going to happen so you read slower, catching little details that you speed over in past perusals.

I started marking these (yes, I do write in my books whenever I want) as I went along and was amazed at how many significant details J.K. Rowling included in her first book, details that are quite important but do not reappear for three or four or more books.

Now, that’s planning.

For you muggles (non-magic people or non-Harry Potter readers), it doesn’t give anything away to say that the key to understanding the entire arc of the series lies in the quote included with the image below.

(And yes, I am enjoying them immensely. Thanks for asking.)

SH-Holding hands