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The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

A corner of my autumn nights quilt pattern

Judith Viorst wrote a children’s book with one of my favorite titles ever: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

I’m having one of those kinds of days.

Right now, the pressure is on to have all in readiness for a squad of volunteers we have coming to raise a building for us, part of our Irene recovery. There’s an excavator digging up my lawn.

The quonset hut, which is usually tucked away under some trees holding my husband’s wood stash, is in the middle of my yard—can’t mow the lawn, hard to get into my gardens (the ones that haven’t been bulldozed), and there’s nothing pretty about a dark gray tarp stretched over a metal skeleton.

The beautiful porch my husband built is being torn off the back of our house because the land it rests on was destabilized by Irene. There are muddy tracks all over the carpet in my makeshift office because folks have been in and out all day.

My file cabinets have been pushed around to make way for a wire that will bring electricity to the building site.

I need to find time to redo this website because I want more out of it.

I’m at that stage in rewriting when I’m grumpy because my first draft is far from perfect. (This is a normal state at this point, and one that I can usually ignore but with everything else…)

And after making four modified house blocks for a quilt to put on the cover of my new novel, The Road Unsalted, I am so not happy with them.

OK, enough grumping.

I do like the quilt top pictured up above. The heck with the house blocks—I’m going to finish this because it does fit the character of The Road Unsalted.

I will get to the website. Watch this space.

You can edit anything to make it better, and a first draft is just that—a first draft.

And then there’s vacuuming. Maybe some ice cream.

Yeah, chocolate chip.