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Just Zoom On By

Someone in Carding, Vermont has been mowing down newspaper boxes lately, just laying them flat like so many bowling pins.

At first, folks assumed it was just some “dumb kids.” But now it’s become something of an epidemic.

Tomorrow is the first episode in a four-part tale about how we pay (or don’t pay) attention to the details of life.

In terms that Sherlock Holmes would appreciate, will the folks of Carding only see or will they observe?

Welcome to Carding, Vermont, the little town that no one can seem to find on a map of the Green Mountain state. I hope you can stop by tomorrow for the latest adventure.

Sonja Hakala lives on a river in Vermont and is the author of the Carding, Vermont novels and an upcoming mystery, The Education of Ruby Royce.

The Carding, Vermont novels, in order of appearance:

The Road Unsalted

Thieves of Fire

The Dazzling Uncertainty of Life

Light in Water, Dancing