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It’s All for the Birds

I’ve been feeding birds ever since I was a child and my Uncle Don made me a bird feeder that sat up against my bedroom window so I could watch up close and personal.

Of course, what I got to watch most was squirrels.
Squirrel with sunflower seeds for web
But you learn to appreciate them too.

It took us years to figure out how to keep them out of our feeders here at home on the White River but my clever husband Jay finally put together a baffle system that keeps those very clever critters down on the ground—onto which I throw sunflower seed and cracked corn because, hey, they gotta eat too.

Now that the days are getting longer (if not warmer), we’ve got all sorts of feathered friends stopping by—like the pair of cardinals pictured at the top. I actually think she’s much prettier than her flashy mate.

And the redwing blackbirds have finally arrived, the purple finches are getting more purple by the day, and the goldfinches are yellowing up nicely.

We’ve even got bald eagles and red-tailed hawks hunting on the river behind the house.

Now, if someone would just see to getting all this snow out of here without making it too warm—that would be good. We’d all appreciate a stretch of 40-degree weather so that the snow melts and the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils have a chance to bloom.