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Birth Announcement

When we first moved to our house on the White River in Vermont, we set out to make our little part of the watershed as flora-and-fauna friendly as we could.
Goslings 2 2015 for web
Except for some pink garden phlox on either side of our front door, a little bit of rather dull iris and one tiny patch of crocus, there was absolutely nothing in our front yard. It was hot in July (very hot) and birds were rather scarce.
Goslings 4 2015 for web
In addition to that, our land had once been the site of a public swimming facility called Island Park so lots of local folks were used to crossing our land willy-nilly to get to the water.

It took a while on a lot of fronts—letting trespassers know they were not welcome, planting gardens plus a little natural re-routing of the river—but nowadays, we have a lot of birds in the yard all year round, lots of flowering plants, and critters who have decided we’re pretty friendly (though they still, wisely, keep their distance).

One of our favorite rites of spring is the arrival of the Canada geese. They flock here in early April making a heckuva ruckus as they sort out who is going to live where.

Then at some point after mid-May, we’ll spot a new brood of chicks. These six little ones accompanied their proud parents for a swim for the first time on May 21.

Aren’t they just adorable!

On Grafton Pond

One of two broods who welcomed us to Grafton Pond
Grafton Pond is serene early in the morning

Our kayaking season started today. We rose at five (yes, that’s in the a.m.) to get to Grafton Pond in Grafton, NH early in the morning.

This is a popular fishing and kayaking spot around here. The pond is festooned with lots of small islands around its perimeter, and it’s home to several pairs of loons. In fact, Grafton Pond is the place where we’ve had our best loon encounters yet.

But this morning, two broods of Canada geese greeted us, and mosquitoes masquerading as small hover craft accompanied us on our turn about the water. We spotted a flock of loons way off on the horizon, and heard their calls off in the distance. But there were no close encounters of the loon kind.

But kayaks, silence, the scent of pine, cool air.


A Birth Announcement

It’s that time of year—thank goodness

Actually, this is three birth announcements in one.

First, I wrote the last word in the last chapter of my novel, The Road Unsalted, this afternoon at 12:45.

I was hoping to have the epilogue done as well but after writing 30 pages by hand, my arms were killing me!! (Carpal shoulder that radiates.)

Second, we have the privilege of hosting a pair of Canada geese that like our patch of the rive for raising young. Yesterday, they took their newborns (we think there are five) out for their initial outing.

And third, somewhere there’s a baby robin who left this bit of egg shell behind. Isn’t that the most wonderful shade of blue?



Green and blue and yellow.

Nice time of year.