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Publish Your Book Your Way
Publish Your Book Your Way

Author Sonja Hakala has worked in the media vineyards for almost three decades, from newspaper reporting to magazine writing, and then in book publishing. She’s worked as an editor and book designer for some of the top traditional publishers in the U.S., which is why she’s so ardent about independent publishing.

She enjoys sharing that expertise and teaching other authors how to successfully navigate their way through the publishing jungle so that they never lose the rights to their books while bringing their work to the public. And she’ll teach you how to make the best choices for your wallet at the same time.

Publish Your Book Your Way is a workbook and fingers-on-the-keyboard guide through the step-by-step process of publishing your book on paper and electronically.

In these pages, you will learn the following skills:

  • How to find professional editing and design help.
  • How to choose wisely among the many printers, electronic book conversion services, and distribution options.
  • How to calculate the royalties from sales of books-on-paper and ebooks so you know which printers and distributors offer the best deals.
  • How to judge when author services are truly services for authors and when they are not.
  • How to retain ALL the rights to your work.
  • How to reasonably judge what standards of quality best serve your needs.

You can also invite Sonja to speak to your writers group or at your local library in a program she calls What Would William Shakespeare Do? It’s a lively hourlong overview of all the publishing options now open to the contemporary author.

You can contact Sonja any time by email at: Sonja(at)

Author of the Carding, Vermont novels, quilt books, and book publishing guides.

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