Books by Sonja Hakala

Have you ever wanted to publish a book? Do you have a story to tell? Then take along this perfect guide to all of the pathways to publishing.

Nowadays, there are more ways to publish a book than ever before. But which one is the right path for you? Sonja Hakala explores them all, and explains them all in
Your Book, Your Way,
and helps you choose the best publishing option for your book, your wallet, and yourself. Available on

Filled with 650 photographs, Teach Yourself Visually Quilting is THE perfect book for all beginning quilters.

The idea behind Teach Yourself Visually Quilting is that someone could learn how to quilt just by following the pictures, all 650 of them. Available on

Gifting Green gives you step-by-step instructions to make very special drawstring gift bags for every occasion.

Gifting Green, from Full Circle Press, is a fully illustrated set of instructions that teaches everyone how to make elegant, fully lined drawstring bags for every occasion. Available from

Visual Quick Tips Quilting is spiral bound and perfect for experienced beginners and beyond.

Visual Quick Tips Quilting is my second book from Wiley Publishing. It’s a great how-to, full of pictures that illustrate every step. Perfect for experienced beginners and beyond. Available on

American Patchwork includes 65 stories collected from quilters across the U.S. and Canada

American Patchwork: True Stories from Quilters
edited by Sonja Hakala
Sixty five stories, funny, touching, sometimes sad, all true, collected from quilters across the U.S. and Canada. Hardcover. Published by St. Martin’s Press
Available from or from Sonja Hakala. Please see the contact page on this website for more information.

4 thoughts on “Books by Sonja Hakala”

  1. I am sure that Your books with plenty of photos are great. Can quilting been learned by books or going to courses? Doing is learning, but so is also visiting on quilt shows to get ideas and to “sniff the fresh winds”.

    I and my wife we always visit on quilt shows. Here are few examples of

    Finnish quilts and patchworks.

    Last week-end we were in Vaasa, Finland were was the great annual quilt show. My photos I’ll publish later.

    Happy quilting!

    1. Hi,
      I think that you can learn to quilt from books but I also think that nothing beats hands-on experience. I think that a combination of books and classes is the best way to go.
      If you already know how to use a sewing machine, I think books can boost your quilting ability and then you can use classes to see and learn special techniques such as paper piecing or machine quilting.
      And I am going to check out that Finnish website you sent the link to. Being of Finnish descent, I really enjoy Finnish design.

      1. How glad I am that You replied so kindly. Thank You. My wife is quilter and beader also. In the first part of my posts there are some quilts made by her. In my posts there are a lot of photos, so You need a cup of coffee or maybe two.

        If You are interested in Finland, then my blog is the best to explore it thru my photos. There is nearly everything from Finland and from its people’s hobbies. My series with 14 posts telling about our trip “Beyond the Arctic Circle” has been very popular. In its first part there are photos from the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. Sana is living there.

        I bookmarked Your site and will visit there again.

        Have a lovely day!

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