Go Phish

Over 3,000 trees are being donated to Vermonters to help heal our landscape courtesy of the band Phish who raised millions of dollars through their music.

Yesterday was a long day because even though Vermont is a “little” state, it takes time to drive from our spot on the White River over to the Intervale in Burlington. With traffic and a little bit of getting lost, my round-trip was a bit over four hours.

But look at what I brought home—trees: silver maple, red oak and black willow.

We have some big bare spots down on our land, and we also know we’ll lose many of the trees still standing down there because their roots are smothered in silt. So on Sunday, we have some wonderful volunteers coming with shovels and work gloves to help us re-tree our river bottom land.

And what makes this just a little bit better, the maples and oaks are part of a 3,000 tree donation underwritten by the Water Wheel Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the band Phish.

Phish was formed at the University of Vermont, and at this point keeps a lowish profile, sometimes playing together and sometimes not. But after Irene, they gave a concert to raise money for Irene recovery work. Did well too, by all accounts, over $2 million.

And these trees are part of that effort, donated in conjunction with the Intervale Nature Conservancy.

Music and trees. What could be better?

Have a wonderful day. We are enjoying some of the most exquisite weather here in Vermont today. What a treat. Gotta go garden.