The Leavening of Life as We Know It

Humorists often have more courage than those we call "leaders."

I hope that your local newspaper or news source had the courage to run this week’s comic strips from Garry Trudeau. This week’s Doonesburys have taken on the entire white male Repugnosphere (and their female enablers) over the issue of a woman’s control over her own body.

Honestly, I thought we settled that argument a long time ago.

Of course, when George W. Bush started talking about whether the U.S. tortures people or not, I couldn’t believe we were having that conversation either.

Really, truly, would someone please explain to me what all these failed men are so afraid of?

Oh, I answered my own question, didn’t I?

In any event, I am glad there are people such as Garry Trudeau who are willing to show these 13th century runts for what they are.