Notes on Thanks

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of talking about quilting and the books that led me to the quilting universe to a lively group of women at the Wardsboro Library in Wardsboro, Vermont. I had a great time, and evidently, according to this thank you card, so did they.

Personally, I think thank-you cards are one of the undervalued details that make the world go ’round. The recipient always smiles (can you see me smiling now?), and they add a sweetness to the whole experience of appreciating our lives together.

This card was signed by many of the folks who attended the workshop, each with a personal inscription. My favorite is this:

Dear Sonja, You are such an inspiration! Some of the folks who attended your talk have pulled out their sewing machines and bought material. I will be shopping on 3/9 with two of them! Thank you for taking the time to visit us.

Ooooh, to think that I have inspired creativity. It does’t get any better than this!

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